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Wondering a Lock-down wedding? Here is the story of Two-Doctor's Wedding in Chennai

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Ever wondered, things would go round the way, and people have to start living with social distancing and do quarantine weddings. The pandemic has pressed the pause button for many celebrations, parties, and weddings. And restrictions on social gatherings from the Government have made them even worse. But even during this pandemic, many Lock-down weddings are happening around the world. #CelebratefromHome has been made a choice by most of the couples instead of waiting for the lockdown to end.

Here is an experience about the marriage story of Dr. Aafreen M.B.B.S., M.D., and Dr. Syed Gafoor M.B.B.S., M.D., to melt your hearts on how they tied the knot in this lockdown wedding. Both of them are doctors and they met each other during their post graduate studies. Both Dr. Aafreen and Dr. Syed Gafoor were classmates and ended falling in love. Both of their parents approved their Wedding. Their parents made a lot of arrangements, by fixing dates, booking the banquet hall, prior in advance before the lockdown. But Who'd have anticipated such a pandemic, the banquet hall was closed on their wedding dates. It was quite a shock to both the families.

They decided not to postpone the wedding dates because of their tight schedules, and started looking for alternatives. That is when they approached Good Capture Photography Studio, Best Wedding Photographers in Chennai for suggestions. Both the Bride and the Groom, are involved in the COVID-19 Duty, #GoodCapturePhotography made a time line and a new plan for this #lockdown_wedding. Before the wedding dates, the couple underwent a week quarantine. We decided to do the wedding in the bride’s home.

They followed all the ceremonies for the Nikkah. They converted the Parking space into a banquet hall and a dining room, which had the capacity to accommodate 50 Guests by maintaining social distancing norms. We focused more on interior decoration. Good Capture Photography helped us with vendors and made the arrangements as quick as possible and pulled off this beautiful home wedding during the Chennai lockdown.

We utilized the YouTube live option to go live at their wedding. They had around 50 visitors in person and 1000+ viewers from live streaming.

The wedding experience of Aafreen and Syed Gafoor is an example of how to conduct a lockdown wedding in this pandemic. Of course, postponing your wedding after lockdown is dependent on the couples. But the example of Aafreen and Syed Gafoor showcases how weddings can be done during the lockdown. Photos of the couple aren't disclosed due to Private reasons but it turned out to be #EveryClickisaMemory.

We suggest a few more ideas for lockdown wedding :

1) Get Organized: Note down all those things you need and those you don’t need. Make a guest list for all those who you are going to invite, Necessary works, and everything that feels most important to you make a note of it.

2) Check out the decors and stream online: Just like how Aafreen and Syed Gafoor went online you can also stream your wedding by going live in social media.

3) Create a blog or website: Since you have more time to plan your wedding create a blog or website where can you upload all the details from beginning to end to make it more memorable.

4) Decorate your own and make the background mesmerizing: Even though space and people are limited you can make perfect use of available one and decorate it with your creativity.

5) Make e-cards: Make an online invitation card for the wedding and share it with your friends and family and make them watch the wedding online.

6) Photograph everything: Since people are limited try to make an album of every minute objects you find.

7) Never get upset or panic: Last but the most important thing never get upset about how things are around.

Try to follow these steps if you are trying to get married in this lockdown and have a happy wedding.

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